ECMP 355 Learning Project

This semester for ECMP 355 we were tasked with learning something new, and being transparent with our process and progress.  I decided to take this opportunity to learn something that I have recently been extremely interested in but have never had the drive to try.  As a little background here is what I had the opportunity to do in 2009:

My experience in Japan was incredible and while I was there I picked up a fondness for Japanese anime.  I figured anime for ‘cool’ cartoons, and was enthralled with the action, dialogue, etc.

Now before I go any further, seeing as this project is somewhat about transparency, I must confess that my fondness has become somewhat of an obsession. So much so that I have left any resemblance of ‘cool’ behind and now consider dressing up like my favorite characters not only on Halloween but on weekends when no one is around.

Despite my love for anime I am getting kind of tired of watching English subtitled versions of my favorite anime.  On top of that being able to experience Japanese culture first hand has left me with the desire to eventually make a trip back there.  To prepare for this I would like to be able to speak Japanese, if not fluently, then at a level where I do not have to rely on my charades prowess.

I am basically starting from scratch.  From my short time there I learned how to say thank you (“arigato gozaimasu”) as well as how to introduce myself informally (“watashi wa Cole desu”).  That is all that I know however, I’m extremely interested and eager to learn.

So please stay tuned as I learn Japanese.  I have currently found some introductory lessons on youtube however any other resources would be greatly appreciated.  I am going to be posting videos of my progress so feel free to comment and any input would be greatly appreciated as well.  Until next time..Sayanora.


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