Putting a picture in the header.

Hi everyone,

I figured I would show what I did to get a picture in my header just in case anyone else was wondering how.  I like the picture because it identifies the blog as mine and adds a personal feel to everything without being too unprofessional.

This is what mine looks like but you can pick whatever you want as a picture.

The thing I found was I was limited by most of the themes as to how much of a picture’s height I could retain and put in the header.  I didn’t find a way around that (if you know one let me know 😀 ). As you try things you will probably see what I mean.  Anyways what I found was the theme Twenty Eleven gave me the largest header to work with.  You select this by going to the ‘Themes’ option on the sidebar in your dashboard, then finding the theme Twenty Eleven and clicking activate.There are all kinds of customizable options from the sidebar to menus to widgets which I suggest fooling around with to see what they do.  What we’re interested in is the ‘Header’ option on the sidebar.

Once you go to the ‘Header’ section you will see all the default images.  What is great about this theme is that you can have a different header image on each separate page if you so desire.

To upload a picture use the ‘Upload Image’ spot and simply browse for the image that you want to use.  Then you will upload the image, crop it and just need to select it to make it your header image. Try adding a bunch so that you can play around until you find one that you think looks the best.

So that is how you put an image in your header using the Twenty Eleven theme.  Any questions feel free to ask?


3 thoughts on “Putting a picture in the header.

    • I didn’t make any changes to the photo before uploading it but you could. Once I uploaded it I cropped it in WordPress. The size I cropped it to was predetermined by WordPress hence my lack of legs.

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