Learning Project Update

Konbanwa (Good evening),

This last week and a half I’ve been studying basic Japanese sayings and greetings.  I’m very optimistic after this short time as I already find myself recalling the phrase I need without too much thinking.  One thing I’m finding with Japanese is there is a lot of fluctuation between phrases depending on the situation and familiarity with who you are speaking with.  As an example, some ways to introduce yourself are “Youroushiku negai shimasu”, “Hajimehmashite”, or even simply “Youroushiku (then watashi wa…desu (my name is..))”.  Its kind of complex but easier to understand once you get into it.  I’m excited and have built up a decent vocabulary already.

Below is a video of just a couple of quick phrases, I have some ideas for keeping my updates interesting once I develop more fluidity, but for now I will keep it short and not recite Japanese phrases for 10 minutes.  With me in the video is my friend Shohei, he was my billet for a week when I was in Japan and two years before that he stayed at my place in Saskatoon when their team came to visit.  Until next time…Oyasumi nasai (good night).


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