Making Custom Menus

Hey all,

I played around a bit and was able to figure out the menu issue we were having in our ECMP 355 online session today.  What my page looks like now is what I kind of prefer and all I did here was make a custom menu and add it on the side as one of my widgets.   This is what my page looked like with my custom menu up top.Here is a screen cast walking through the steps of what I did to create a custom menu and then get up top.  I have my pages, with my ‘Home’ still being my main feed and the ‘Stuff I Learn’, ‘Learning Projects’ and ‘Tech Tasks’ jumping to posts placed in those categories.

If you have any problems just let me know and I can help you out.


3 thoughts on “Making Custom Menus

  1. Awesome! Thanks! Not exactly what I was thinking but it does clean things up for people looking for specific things! Thanks for your time!

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