Today was my first opportunity this school year to do something that resembled teaching.  For my ECS 300 lab we were tasked with teaching a half an hour lesson from the Grade 6 to 8 curriculum and today was my turn so I chose a lesson on Currents & Climate.

I taught the lesson to my peers in the lab but I think that is probably more intimidating sometimes than being in an actual classroom will be.  I was very anxious at first and ended up planning and revising my lesson a couple of times making sure I knew the content well.  This is extremely important and paid off because sometimes things don’t work. Today that meant the projector I rented took all class to warm up.  I was able to move on though so no harm done and ended up drawing extreeeeemely rough diagrams on the blackboard instead (I at least intended to use some of the stuff I’ve been learning in ECMP 355).

We were also able to practice pre and post conferencing like it should be done with my coop when I’m an intern.  I found this was extremely useful and probably one of the most important things I’m going to experience over the next year before becoming a teacher. This helped me to relax and tell myself I was actually ready beforehand as well as giving me a set of eyes for feedback to help me improve.

I found this very practical and had lots of positive feedback from my classmates, this only helped to get me even more excited for the opportunities to come.

Here is a video from teacherAJH on Youtube where I got the activity I used in class for a starting, engaging activity to spark discussion.

As a conclusion I used this news story to bring my lesson full circle and provide a real world application.


One thought on “Teaching!?!

  1. Great job, Cole! Teaching your peers is infinitely more nerve-wracking than teaching a class full of kids, in my opinion. 🙂 I’m sure you did great!

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