Global Learning

Last week we had Sylvia Tolisano into our ECMP 355 class to talk to us about global learning.  She shared with us the importance of expanding our students as well as our own perspectives on a global scale.  One example she gave was her Teddy Bears around the World.  This project provides an opportunity for students to learn about other students cultures in their own words.

As Sylvia emphasized it is extremely important to understand the world in a more global sense, especially as the world becomes smaller every day.

I realized just how little I know of other cultures when she shared a tradition in Argentina where a empty bottle is placed on a vehicle to show it is for sale.  It is traditions like this that often lead to misunderstandings between different culture groups, misunderstandings that become understandings when we widen our gaze to a broader, more global view.

I intend to focus more on global issues both in my own life and in my classroom.  I hope to accomplish in a variety of ways from reading the global section of the newspaper to connecting my classroom to other classrooms in the world (ie. Around the World in 80 Schools).

Thanks Sylvia.


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