Grade 7/8 Phys Ed.

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to teach a physical education class to the Grade 7/8 split I have my ECS 300 field placement with. My field placement partner and I decided to split the class into two where I took half for 20 minutes and then we had them switch and so I then had the other half for another 20 minutes.  We decided to do a volleyball class because this was something that a couple of the students had mentioned they were interested in this subject.  Co-designing a lesson plan provided me to use some of the things I have been learning in ECMP 355, particularly the use of Google Docs to collaborate.  Working together we came up with this lesson plan:

Teaching volleyball falls right into my comfort zone as I’ve had numerous experiences both playing and instructing in my time with the Huskies.  In hindsight this experience was a little different compared to past experiences.  In the past I’ve ran teams or camps where students attending wanted to be there and get better at volleyball.  In this environment I had a mix of students who wanted to play, others who wanted to watch, and others who had a hard time staying focused.  I found myself adapting the drills as best as I could on the fly in order to keep everyone as engaged as possible, definitely more intensive than my past experiences.

All in all it was a positive experience and I look forward to more experiences in the future where I can apply what I am learning about myself and education.


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