Days of the Week

My learning project is slowly progressing and although it looks like I won’t be fluent anytime soon I am learning more and more useful words every week.  In my ECS 300 class we had a guest speaker in who works with language and she said typically it takes 4 years immersed in a language in order to become fluent.  That kind of put this project into perspective for me.  I realize that within this semester I’m not going to become fluent, which I expected at the beginning.  However I do want to learn the language and am curious as to just how long it will take me.

I’m treating this semester as kind of an experiment, where I find what techniques are going to be useful in my pursuit of this goal.  This project will continue long after December is finished and I’m looking forward to it.

Click the image below for my progress so far.  I added ‘Days of the Week’ and ‘Fruits’ this week.  Mata nei!

Photo by: ntr23



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