Last week in class we received an awesome crash course in how to use Smartboards.   I took a lot away from this and plan to apply it in my field experiences to come seeing as almost every class I’ve been in has a Smartboard.  I went looking a little further in an attempt to find some Smartboard activities that I could use as a high school science teacher.  More specifically I looked at Outcome RE 9.2 of the Saskatchewan Curriculum.  This outcome covers meiosis and mitosis in grade 9. I found these websites containing Smartboard activities specifically for meiosis and mitosis:

Connecting Technology @BHS

Gallant’s Biology Stuff

Lesson Planet

These activities provide a great way for students to interact and explore meiosis and mitosis further.  I think it is important that students are encouraged to learn on their own so some of these activities can be used in that sense while others can be used to show knowledge and help with retention.  I think a Smartboard would be an excellent tool for teaching meiosis and mitosis especially because these topics are best understood visually which the Smartboard allows while also adding in the interactivity aspect.  By visually stimulating students and allowing them to interact with this as well the Smartboard can be a terrific school for not only mitosis and meiosis but any subject.

Photo by: Michele Banks


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