The Importance of Feedback

Playing volleyball through the years I came to understand the importance of feedback in order to get better.  Sometimes you are too close to a situation to see what you need to do differently or improve on.  Having someone that can point out what you are doing wrong helps to identify what you can fix to be better.

Last week I posted some more of the progress that I was making in my learning project. I’ve been compiling everything into my Voicethread and slowly felt like I was making progress.  It’s been hard without any feedback so the only person I’ve really had to be accountable to was myself.  Luckily last week Trina from my ECMP 355 class directed her friend Mayo Takeuchi towards my project.  Mayo provided me with so much feedback, something I needed very badly, and also provided me with things that I need to improve and where I can go on the internet to work on those things.

Thanks to Mayo’s feedback I have been focusing on the importance between the different sounds in Japanese, kind of  the basic building blocks of the language.  (There is an awesome post on Mayo’s blog that explains these differences, just click here.) I was also directed to @japanespod101 on Twitter by Mayo, another great resource for learning Japanese words.

It was cool having Mayo take the time to listen to my progress and give me the feedback I needed as well as suggesting resources that could help.  Moving forward this gives me a good indication of what I need to focus on and what I need to do better at.

Thanks again to Trina and Mayo for all the help last week.


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