My New Learning Project?

It has been awhile since I have posted anything in regards to my learning project where I have been adventuring to learn Japanese.  Since ECMP 355 my learning project has continued and Christmas helped me out in this regard.  I kind of got spoiled by my parents this year and was lucky enough to get an Ipad 2 for Christmas.  This has changed how my learning project has progressed as well as how I have been keeping track of my learning.

With my Ipad I was able to find an app called WordPower which has allowed me to learn a new word each day and also to compile a word bank of words that I have learned.  It has allowed me to record my voice and compare it to native speakers.  This has allowed me to take my learning project and keep it fun, more like a hobby, while helping me stay committed to it without sacrificing loads of time which I am going to need for quite a bit of ECS work this semester.

Once I started treating my learning project as a hobby it got me thinking of other things that I could possibly learn.  Could learning actually be one of my hobbies?  I figured there must be other things out there that I could benefit from.  By doing my learning project I learned that I received almost as much enjoyment from the process of learning as I did from the activity itself.  I want to understand how learning works in different ways so that I can better reach my students in the future.  I’ve decided that learning can be one of my hobbies and ECMP 355 introduced me to ways in which I can make this happen.

Since the start of December I have begun another learning project which is to teach myself how to swim.  I realize I’ll never be on Michael Phelps’ level but I want to get to the point where I can swim for 15-20 minutes. I have never been in swimming lessons but I can keep my head above water although only to the point where any lifeguards watching had to do so very warily.  I had to first work to make it across the pool and then after I was able to do that I had to work on doing it with my head in the water.  I used Youtube videos like this one to help me develop something that kind of resembles a swimming stroke and helped put the lifeguards relatively at ease.

I have also not been afraid to ask for help (one of the many things I learned in ECMP 355) enlisting some of my classmates to help me along the way.  I am currently continuing to improve and actually swam 12 lengths in a row today (my best yet).  I look forward to swimming everyday now and am constantly on youtube looking at how to get better.  Learning can be one of the most enjoyable things that you do as long as you find something you are interested in and learn in a way that interests you.  I am looking forward to adding to my list of hobbies in the future as I find other things I want to know how to do.


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