Teach Like a Champion – Lemov

Last week for ECS 350 we were given the first 28 pages of Lemov’s text to read.  Within these first few pages there were a lot of techniques and practices that both reaffirmed what I have been learning and also provided me with practices I hope to implement when I begin teaching.

One issue it seems with the curriculum at times, the old curriculum anyway, was that there was too much content.  Some of the suggestions that Lemov makes addresses this problem that teachers may have.  Lemov suggests that simply establishing an efficient procedure for handing out course materials could save you 20 minutes a day, that’s 20 extra minutes to cover content.  Another suggestion, something I am also learning in my assessment class, is to plan with the end in mind.  By evaluating the outcomes and indicators in the process in which you want to teach them and then choosing activities that best addresses these outcomes helps to plan lessons in a meaningful way.

Planning in this way allows you to plan for mastery as opposed to planning for content alone.  It is important that students are able to make a connection to material in a way that is meaningful to them.  By carefully designing lessons and classroom practices I can give my students the best chance to succeed that I can.



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