Science Demos

My time in high school and education afterwards has taught me two things.  The first thing is I already knew from my own experience that demos are a great way to engage students.  The second thing I have learned afterwards is that demos need to be for a reason.  I’ve seen both types of demos as a student, some are all cool but looking back didn’t really direct or teach me anything.  Demos should be engaging and for a reason.  They don’t need to teach an entire concept but they should at least get your students thinking in terms of the concept you wish to teach.  In ESCI class we began to explore science demos that are engaging and also help to teach our students.  How cool are some of these?!? As a class we have been compiling all our resources on a wiki so if specific directions are needed that is a great place to start.

Singing Pipe – Daniel uses heat and resonance to make a pipe that seems to have some interesting properties.

Ammonium Fountain – Jaqueline produces a glowing fountain using Luminol, ammonium gas, and hydrogen peroxide.

Mirror Plated Flask – Kandace makes a glass flask appear to change into a silver one.  The first part is how to do it (quite important) however the last two minutes are when the exciting change happens.

Rainbow Indicator Rod – Wes uses universal indicator, a glass rod, an acid, and a base to show the range of pH’s that universal indicator can show.

Genie in a Bottle and Artificial Snow – Jesse shows us an exothermic reaction producing a lot of steam and produces some fake snow afterwards.



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