Ipad Apps for the Classroom

When I was doing my three week education pre-internship I found that there was an Ipad within every classroom.  Every teacher was given an Ipad however there was not much guidance as to how to use them within their class.  I think Ipads can be excellent tools if used properly and am hoping that this post could offer some help.  Ever since I got my own Ipad last Christmas (thanks again Mom & Dad) I’ve been looking for ways that I could use it effectively in the classroom.

These are what I have found are probably some of the best apps currently available for teachers and students in the classroom (this is kind of like an Ipad apps essential toolkit for science teachers):

For Students:

Presenting/Creating: NFB Pixstop (Free stop motion movie creator), Comic Life ($2.99)

Student Support/ Help: Khan Academy

Showing/Telling their Understanding: ShowMe, Skitch, VoiceThread

For Teachers: Ted Talks, Science 360, Google, Twitter

Subject Specific Apps


Vernier Video Physics ($2.99) – Take video and instantly turn it into velocity and acceleration graphs.

SPARKvue – Turns Ipad or mobile device into an accelerometer.


The Elements: A Visual Exploration ($13.99) – A beautiful app exploring the different elements in the periodic table.

Periodic Table of the Elements – Shows you the electron configuration, different groups, state at any temperature, etc.


Molecules – Instantly pull up a 3D representation of a molecule from ChemPub or the International Protein Database.

TimeTree – Quickly show how long ago a common ancestor was shared between two taxa.

Those are the best of what I have found so far. I would love to hear what Ipad Apps you have found to be useful in your classroom…


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