ECS 350

For ECS 350 we are exploring assessment using portfolios to show what we have learned.  This portfolio is set up to show what I have accomplished in relation to the course goals.  The course goals and my evidence of learning are the following:

Course Goals

• Students will increase formal knowledge and capability in basic and more sophisticated processes and procedures of teaching.

• Students will understand the under-girding educational psychology concepts, in particular, various learning theories

Photo by: ailatan

• Students will develop life-long professional capability through the professional development process including the use of effective communication and interpersonal skills

• Students will consider multiple ways of understanding and supporting learning

• Students will learn to plan, implement, and assess learning experiences that are extended over a period of time

• Students will participate in an extended teaching/learning classroom experience

• Students will help to create an maintain a culture of respect and active learning

• Students will develop a personal professional development plan.

My Evidence of Learning

My Portfolio Plan

Introductory Letter

Unit Design Template

Lesson Plan Framework

Lesson Plans

Reading Responses

My Learning Journey

Learning Theory Cheatsheet

My Philosophy of Education

Teacher Tools

Teaching with Magic Beans

Science Suppliers:  Boreal Scientific, Nasco, Arbor Scientific, Flinn, Carolina, Educational Innovations, EfstonScience

My Meta-Reflection

Field Experience Process Paper


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