Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom

One of my focuses this semester has been using technology to engage my students into the assessment process.  I want my students to experience learning in a way that may be new or different than their previous experiences.  In my Health 9 class we have just finished creating some drug awareness posters using augmented reality. This is what our class projects looked like:

We created these posters using Pixir and a free app called Aurasma.  We found Aurasma to be very intuitive and easy to use.

When I visited the Calgary Science School @DMcWilliam told me they were using some augmented reality for their student projects. I recently had some time to look a little more at CSS’s Connect Blog and figured that augmented reality would work very well with the posters we were going to make in Health.

Augmented reality allowed my students to tell a story with their posters.  They were able to create a two part story reflective of the choice presented by drugs.  Students were intrigued and proud of the final result to the point that other students were coming into my class throughout the day to see what their peers had created.  Other teachers saw this project as well and there have been so many other ideas centered around augmented reality in a very short time.