My Visit to the Calgary Science School

Today I was able to go and observe a morning at the Calgary Science School.  Calgary Science School is a charter school with a mandate to present education in a way that is new and research based.  Spending the morning at the school really showed me how my philosophy could be applied in a school setting.

Here are some of the things I observed (sorry the video is so long, I tried to shorten it, there were just so many exciting things going on):

There are a lot of great ideas on the Calgary Science School Connect! Blog and because they’re so great…the ideas are free!



What I’ve Learned About the Internet

This entire semester within ECMP 355 our class has been basically focusing on learning and sharing.  When I began this class I was under the impression that I was going to learn all about the tools and technology that are currently being underutilized in the classroom.  I would learn how to use this stuff and I was going to be a better teacher because of it.  Oops,  I think I may have oversimplified things a little bit.  Our class did cover some of these issues however what I have found is that a majority of our focus has been on community and learning instead of just useful tools.  I have come to understand throughout this class that it is not necessarily the tools I am going to bring into the classroom that are going to make me a better teacher but instead it is the massive global community available to me that will help me succeed.  It has been eyeopening to see how many resources are available to me be it other educator’s blogs, #edchat or other people willing to take time out of their day to help me out.  I have found that there is indeed a global community available to me where I can go for suggestions, support, resources, and feedback in order to help me succeed as a teacher.

ECMP 355 has introduced me to a community that I intend to use for the rest of my life be it everyday or in the classroom.  In what I have experienced within the last couple months I have come to understand the importance of sharing when it comes to learning and the importance of community as it applies to my development as a teacher.  I have learned how powerful learning can be when it is self directed and I have also learned the importance of other peoples help, feedback, and support when seeking to learn in this way.  I am very grateful for what I have learned in this class especially the importance of community and support that I experienced first hand from my classmates as well as other educators online.  I hope that I as I continue I can make a meaningful contribution to this community and impact the learning of others in the same way that mine has been impacted over this last semester.

Photo by: Cayusa