About Me

Dear Hiring Team,

My name is Cole Hintz and I am proud to say that I will be certified to teach after April 2013. I am a mature, responsible, intelligent science teacher with a passion for education. I am confident that my knowledge of science, experience working with youth, and experience as a part of a team will be an asset to your school. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Major:Biology Minor: Science) from the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina in April, 2013.

When it comes to science I really start to geek out! I greatly enjoy learning how the world works and am energized by helping others develop their own understanding. I am absolutely intrigued and inspired by the processes and unique explanations offered by science. It is this wonder of science and excitement that I wish to pass on to my students.  I am a strong believer in the power of inquiry and activity-based learning in science and am constantly looking for more opportunities to put these learning philosophies into practice. I believe activity-based learning is the best tool to promote engagement and exploration in science. I am excited to continue discovering new techniques that will help me become even more effective at transmitting the knowledge I have gained to my students. Ultimately I desire to help my students be successful in their course pursuits but also develop an interest and passion for science.

Prior to attending the University of Regina to pursue my Bachelor of Education degree, I attended the University of Saskatchewan where my Bachelor of Science in Biology was completed (2011). While attending the University of Saskatchewan, I was fortunate to play on the university volleyball team, the Huskies, for five years. My experience playing volleyball emphasized the importance of belonging to a team, trusting your teammates and being a leader. Beinmattsmithphoto@live.comg a member of the Huskies also allowed me the opportunity to run summer volleyball camps and coach all levels from elementary to university. During my teaching internship at Estevan Elecs, I had the opportunity to serve as senior girls’ volleyball coach. It was a valuable experience to apply the volleyball knowledge I had gained at the University of Saskatchewan. Additional related work experience includes working as a Summer Programmer for the City of Yorkton and Science Camp Instructor at the University of Calgary.  In both positions I received experience planning, implementing and evaluating programming for elementary to middle-school aged children.

I am confident that my past work experience, biology degree as well as experience teaching chemistry and physics in my internship have provided me with excellent background knowledge and skills that will make me a competent and effective science teacher. Please take some time to view my resume (Cole Hintz – Resume). If you feel my experience and skills match your needs, I would be welcome any opportunity to speak to you in person. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Cole Hintz (hintz20c@uregina.ca)

Cole Hintz – Resume


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Cole,

    Are you employed for the fall?
    Have you considered moving to Lloydminster?

    I am a Vice Principal at Lloydminster Comprehensive High

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thanks so much for the consideration! I actually have accepted a position teaching Chemistry at Strathmore High School next year. I really wish you all the best, Loyd is a great place…I’ve been there for volleyball a couple of times.

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